Building the White Dwarf 137 Warhammer Fantasy Townhouse

One of my very earliest posts on this blog covered building and painting the White Dwarf 130 Cottage, which was a lovely little project and provided a terrain piece that has seen action in virtually every game of Warhammer I’ve played since…clearly a hot property! I’ve always intended to revisit the Modelling Workshop series, and […]


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Painting The Heroquest Ogre Horde

I’m almost finished work on the Heroquest box set, with just a few bits of furniture to go. However, new-old-thing excitement got the better of me recently, and I’ve brashly made a start on the Against the Ogre Horde expansion. The set I picked up was missing the head from the Ogre Champion, and had […]

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Dragon Rampant Revisited

Mark and I dusted off the Dragon Rampant rulebook last weekend- and pitted my newly (ish) painted forest goblins against the doughty dwarfs. I originally put together my forest goblin force with Dragon rampant in mind, but the couple of games I played I didn’t really enjoy that much, as I noted here. We played […]

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